Email Marketing Tips

Email Marketing Tips

The value of email marketing is unquestionable since this channel survived through years. There are many strategies you can use to promote your business but email marketing is the cornerstone of the majority of them. With the rise of social media marketing, email marketing has been pushed to second place. After some time marketers realized that can’t disregard this powerful tool, and we’re going to tell you why it’s so. What you need is to have a snap look at our tips to enhance your marketing expertise.

Categorize Target Customers

Different customers require different approaches and content. To develop respective strategies, it’s a good idea to divide them into several categories and adjust content according to their needs. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes to understand what they need. In the majority of cases, clients clearly shape their queries. However, the needs of B2B customers may differ.

Evoke Curiosity

The header of your email is the first thing your prospect will see when your email reaches the goal. Don’t forget that many markets are highly competitive and potential customers choose between several options. The catchier your header is, the greater are the chances that your target audience will take time to read your emails. The value of captivating headers can’t be underestimated: they can increase website traffic by ten times or even more!

{FirstName}, I have suggestion for {Company}

Quick question to you or {Collegue’s name}?

To use this technique, do the following:

  • outline the beginning and end of your email;
  • place valuable information in the middle;
  • make the hook capturing readers’ attention.

A curiosity gap in your email will increase open rates and conversions.

Email Sending Frequency

One of the most frequently asked questions among marketers is: WHEN? When emails should be sent to prospects to increase open rates? When will target audience have time to read the email? Email optimization technique helps adjust the frequency of sending emails to customer expectations. However, one strategy doesn’t always work well. It’s better to change patterns based on performance tracking results. If you identify that the strategy you’re currently using doesn’t bring at least the same results as before, this is the right time for changes. When analyzing your strategy, pay attention to the following:

  • time of the best performance;
  • days of the best performance;
  • critical number of emails when open rates start to drop off;
  • number of complaints associated with email frequency.

There is a wide range of analytical tools that can be used to get useful insights about email frequency and open rates. Email service providers offer a wide range of these tools.

Engaging Content

Valuable content can make difference. Your audience will respond with increased conversions once you succeed in developing a viable content management strategy. Once you categorize your B2B customers, you can create newsletter templates for each category to save time. All you need is to refresh content each week to generate leads and sales. 

Creating top-notch content takes time and effort. How to reach this goal? Here are some actionable tips:

  • pick attractive topics;
  • create unique content;
  • prioritize content quality rather than quantity;
  • make it readable and easy to understand for laymen.

Content creation offers room for fantasy and innovative approaches. Content management strategy (CMS) may differ for each business. You can develop your own CMS based on your experiences and observations.

Domain Authentication

One of the major problems in email marketing is the drop off rate. Sometimes your newsletters may drop into a SPAM box and your prospects will never see them. Many companies face the same problem: after several months of sending emails, they realize that their efforts are wasted as messages drop into SPAM folders. This diminishes open rates and lags your website traffic. There is a simple way to increase open rates: domain authentication. It can also help improve delivery rates.

Email marketing may seem easier than it actually is. Many months may pass before you realize which pattern better reflects your customers’ needs and which email marketing approach should be used to maximize your conversions. No matter how experienced in marketing you are, there is always something new to learn and use to get your own valuable experience. But the truth is that email marketing works and can help generate leads in a short time horizon. You just need to try different approaches to find out the one that works best for you to reach your business goals.                               

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