How to Nurture Leads Online

How to Nurture Leads Online

6 Effective Lead Nurturing Tactics

Once you have your own business, you have to find ways to contact your prospects. You can offer valuable content and develop relations with your potential customers but this will not bring the desired results if you don’t follow any leads nurturing tactics. Try out some of the tactics below to convert your prospects into loyal customers.

Produce Targeted Content

Leads nurtured with the help of targeted content may contribute to the increase in sales up to 20%! According to the results of recent studies, the outcomes of inbound marketing strategies can be improved by nurturing leads. This tactic seems to be obvious but delivering targeted content at the right time to the right audience might be challenging. It’s essential to understand the needs of your audience, their pain points, challenges, and issues they want to solve. Draw a profile of your targeted buyer persona based on the goals, needs, and objectives of your target audience. Also, use a suitable marketing automation platform to segment your buyer personas by scaling the inbound marketing strategy.

Use Social Media and Other Tools

Face-to-face contact is one of the best tools to build rapport with your target audience. The Internet allows you to reach out to an unlimited number of people. Except for social media pages, you can use email or blog posts. Don’t forget to optimize your website and social media page to nurture leads.

Webinar Hosting

Placing a meaningful video online can help you reach out to your target audience and attract those who can potentially become your customers in the near future. This is a very effective tactic to nurture leads as it helps generate high-quality easily convertible leads.

Webinars help learn your audience and their needs. To use this tool, you can look through the questions people often ask about similar products and offer solutions during your webinar. Many webinars are easily accessible in the next 24 hours after the live broadcast. This helps to cover even broader audiences in an extended period.

Optimize the Number of Touches

To effectively nurture leads, you need to regularly get in touch with your potential customers. On average, your prospect should receive ten touches when they pass through the marketing funnel. Presently, half of the marketers include five touches or even less which isn’t an effective lead nurturing strategy. If your company falls under this category, it’s time to increase your presence in your prospects’ lives. Valuable content helps them make purchasing decisions faster. To reach this goal, your content should address their common issues. You can use blog posts, direct mails, useful videos, tips or whitepapers to nurture leads and turn them into customers.

Online Courses

This approach to nurturing leads is quite popular now. By offering learning courses, you can develop an image of an expert in the eyes of your target audience. Besides, you can help your prospect improve their skills and knowledge. They will be grateful thus increasing their loyalty towards your company. Such courses are mainly used to increase brand awareness and company’s credibility. In addition, you will not pay much for developing a course.

Free downloads and e-books can help nurture leads as well. They might serve as additional components of your leads nurturing strategy.


Nowadays, people are used to getting immediate responses as they don’t like to wait for something for too long. Companies that understand this peculiarity succeed to get higher conversions. Try to contact your prospects within the next 30 minutes after getting an inquiry to win their trust.

Nurturing leads is a long process that involves combined efforts of sales and marketing teams. Leads can be nurtured in many ways, but a multi-channel approach is preferable as you never know which strategy can potentially bring better results. Working on getting high response rates, you can develop trust in your company, and therefore warm the leads up.



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