How to Optimize LinkedIn Accounts to Boost Sales?

How to Optimize LinkedIn Accounts to Boost Sales?

As you may already know, LinkedIn is a rapidly developing social network. Currently, this is a leading platform to place your B2B content to generate productive leads. You can use LinkedIn campaigns to boost your sales as you pay 75% less for lead generation and can potentially get six times higher returns. Let’s deepen into the theme to understand how your clicks can be turned into conversions.  

Expand Your B2B Network

The work of LinkedIn is built on the principle of a search engine: it shows first-level updates, then second, third, etc. Each first-level connection has several second-, and third-level contacts you don’t know yet. Each new contact can potentially multiply your leads, tie up with potential partners, and boost sales. 

To get the maximum of your network, do the following:

  • add your website link to the LinkedIn profile;
  • connect with the members of internet communities/groups;
  • use “People you may know” option.

Talk to Them

Once you establish your network, it’s time to get in touch with your prospects. It’s a good practice to show interest in what they do, projects they are involved in, and problems they would like to solve. Talk to your target audience, listen to them, and try to help them out. It would be great if you maintain a positive tone. People are naturally drawn to the light-hearted and open individuals. The next step is to develop trust. Remember that your major goal is to melt the ice but not to sell something. People can feel insincere attitude and phony intentions even over the broadband. So, don’t even try. It’s better to develop a sound content strategy to attract their attention.

Relations Matter

Your next major goal is to get meaningful connections. It’s wise to invest in relationships with your prospects rather than just hunting for contacts. Real interest and mutual respect are the basics of building meaningful relations. Maintain focus on your target audience and offer content they expect to see.

Push the Move

When creating your LinkedIn strategy, make sure you know who you should appeal to. It would be great if you can figure out your ideal customer profile. You can use LinkedIn tools to reach this goal. Think about the key search parameters and track them on LinkedIn. Search criteria may involve location, industry, size or managerial positions. Use the regular account of your company at LinkedIn or Sales Navigator if you have some money to be spent on promotion. This tool has special filters to get targeted leads. 

Another tool, Dux-Soup (Chrome extension), can be used to visit LinkedIn profiles on the page showing search results. People whose profile you visited will be notified and they may visit your profile back. This way, you can get new contacts, business introductions, and generate leads without much effort.

Automate Your Outreach Efforts

Sending messages to large pools of potential customers brings outstanding results. There are a lot of tools for mass-messaging on LinkedIn. Automated search helps save time on contacting unproductive contacts. If they are not going to answer your inquiry, why lose time and energy on contacting them? LinkedIn tools will do this instead of you while you will get additional time to be spent on building productive relations.

Deliver Valuable Content

It doesn’t matter, which social media you use, quality content can work wonders. Having this power at hand, you can outreach roughly 450 professionals. LinkedIn generates four times greater traffic if compared to Facebook or Twitter. This makes LinkedIn one of the most prospective social media nowadays. However, the number of companies selling their product using LinkedIn is great as well.

Therefore, when writing content, do remember the following:

  • it must be personal and address the hot points of your target audience;
  • it must be practical;
  • it must share useful experience or lessons learned;
  • one article a week is a perfect pace of reaching out your contacts;
  • try to offer long-reads;
  • mind quality;
  • add catchy headlines.

Now you know the essentials of optimizing your account on LinkedIn. Remind your target audience of your company by regularly showing up in the newsfeed. The more your logo appears in the news, the better. People will be able to recognize your company. This is one of the key success factors.


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