SalesAR Announced among the Most Reviewed Companies in Ukraine

SalesAR Announced among the Most Reviewed Companies in Ukraine


When we started in 2019, we put full focus into delivering highly effective lead generation services to our clients. Two years later, we’re named as a most reviewed company on The Manifest, a company research platform. Within the last year, The Manifest has collected data about our work through verified positive feedback.

Here’s the timeline of events at SalesAR:

In 2019

Anton Ziniuk and Roman Shvets, SalesAR’s founders, formed a team of dedicated lead generation specialists to arm businesses all over the world with the ability to increase the qualified leads through cost-effective methods. SalesAR’s main goal is to help companies increase their sales while expanding their brand visibility.

In 2020

Vector Software, a custom software development and IT consulting company, started working with SalesAR in 2020, and it’s an ongoing collaboration. The results have been so good that they decided to expand this collaboration. Vector Software started with a thousand contacts per month and are now getting three thousand contacts processed each month.  

In 2021

The Manifest evaluated SalesAR and named it as one of the most reviewed vendors in Ukraine. This is exciting news for us because The Manifest is a valuable resource for businesses to find a partner that perfectly fits their productivity targets. Now, SalesAR is recognized as a company that values client satisfaction and quality of service, which can lead to more opportunities.

We’re excited to build relationships with more clients in the future. Curious? Find out more about our dedicated team here. You can also contact us directly if you wish to bolster your lead generation efforts!


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