Top 5 Email Testing Tools

Top 5 Email Testing Tools

Email marketing remains one of the most favorite marketing channels to promote your company online. To take the maximum of your email marketing campaign, you need to keep a finger on the pulse. Here is when email testing tools come into play. Let’s look at them more closely.  


Litmus features email open rates. It allows for tracking whether your email has been read or deleted. Also, you can get to know which devices are used to visit your website. The option of checking IPs and domain names can be used to control email delivery. You can identify the key areas for optimization with the help of this email testing tool. Your customers’ geographic location can be tracked as well.


This is a free email testing tool that allows checking spam score based on DKIM, SPF record, blacklists, and keywords in your email. Using this tool is simple: you just need to send your email to the test email address and check your score. If your test score is under 7, you need to improve your copy, subject line or other components of the email. If your email scores more than 8, it means it’s readable and presents value for potential customers. Mail-tester analyzes the text of your message, server, IP, and then delivers the testing results. You can understand whether the components of your email marketing campaign are viable or some improvements are needed.

This tool runs sending IP address against the most popular blacklists (25 in total). Also, it checks whether your email can pass the SPAM filter by the keywords you used in the email copy. It examines DMARC, DKIM, and SPF records as well. You can assess the email format and check it for broken links.


This email testing tool helps check how attractive your subject line is for your target audience. Experienced marketers know that an enticing subject line can motivate potential customers to open your emails. Once run through SenderScore, your email is rated from 0 to 100. The most valuable feature of this email testing tool is that it explains the mistakes you’ve made when compiling the subject line and suggests improvements.

You can check your sender reputation and how email box providers view your IP. Email box providers use multiple metrics such as SPAM complaints or inclusion in blacklists to assess the quality of senders. SenderScore is free that is additional bonus to its extensive email checking features.


The name of this email testing tool speaks for itself: this is another tool that can help check the viability of the subject line of your email. The tool analyzes all components of your subject line such as length, attractiveness for readers, and word balance. There is an action box on the SubjectLine website where you can put your subject line and get feedback on its quality. For example, the tool will advise whether you should add emotions to your subject line or CTA to make it more powerful. Good news is that SubjectLine is free of charge.

This is a web-based application that uses various browsers to check your email marketing components. This tool is perfect for assessing the effectiveness of your ads of landing pages. You don’t need to install any software, just enable pop-ups, JavaScript, and cookies. It’s featured with the drag-and-drop option to design your hit emails. Also, you can use the embedded content manager function to store your data and edit images. A built-in analytical feature allows for evaluation of the number of clicks and open rates.

Email testing tools help assess the quality and value of your emails for target audience. A large variety of tools are offered in the market and you can check those that can increase the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign. The choice of a particular tool depends on your individual requirements and the level of your marketing campaign. These aids reduce waste activities and save your money. Before you make the final choice, make a list of essential factors and then select the right tool. You may try several tools to check the best one to meet your needs.

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