What is B2B Buyer Persona and why do You Need it?

What is B2B Buyer Persona and why do You Need it?

It is a fact that the Internet has made e-commerce more effective. Online businesses can reach out to millions of customers in different parts of the world. In this particular business environment, marketing is one of the most valuable assets at your disposal. Your online business is influenced by two contradictory forces: unlimited opportunities offered by unlimited outreach and fierce online competition. To succeed, you have to get to know your potential customers better. Your marketing strategy should resonate with their emotions and buyer persona helps attain this goal.

A B2B Buyer Persona Is…

A buyer persona is a mix of characteristics of your potential customer who is interested in purchasing your products or services.

Tips to Create Buyer Persona

No doubts, you will make a lot of mistakes when creating your buyer persona. You’re not the only one in this because no one can give a clear description of potential customers with a certain degree of precision. This is not an issue since you’re getting to know your customers better with time.

When creating your buyer persona, ask the following questions:

  • What research should be performed before creating a B2B buyer persona?
  • Who are your buyers?
  • What are the core characteristics of your target audience (size, location, revenue)?
  • Why do they buy from you?
  • What behavioral patterns do they demonstrate when making a purchase decision?
  • How to reach out to your B2B target audience?
  • How can you collect additional information about your buyer persona?

Asking these questions can help you create a comprehensive buyer persona or update it when necessary as the characteristics may change with time.

Understanding B2B Customer Behaviors

Creating a buyer persona is the first step in developing your marketing campaign. Once you finish, it’s time to switch to the research on their purchasing behavior. As a rule, it coincides with B2B customers’ needs and expectations. Also, define how your products or services can solve your customers’ problems. If your offering fulfills their needs, the likelihood of buying your products or services increases.

Once you understand your clients’ goals, it’s time to create content addressing their needs. If you nail, you can increase your brand engagement as well as its awareness. This will help foster dedicated followers among your B2B customers to develop loyalty to your brand.

  • When making research related to your customers’ behaviors, consider the following:
  • When your B2B customers tend to make purchases?
  • Where do they buy your products or services?
  • Which devices do they use to look through your website (this is essential for creating your website layout)?
  • What is the frequency of their purchases (this issue matters for making sales prognosis)?
  • What is an average purchasing order volume (this is useful information to plan for supplies and logistics management)?

These questions can help you get insights on your customers’ behavioral patterns and increase the accuracy of your ad campaigns.

Why Is a Buyer Persona Important for Your Business?

Having your own B2B buyer persona narrows down the wider audience to your target audience. The information can help you make content that is consistent with clients’ needs and perceptions of your brand. If you succeed to resonate with your potential buyers emotionally and create an offer worth attention, you can boost your sales.

It’s useful to change buyer personas from time to time as customers’ behavior and needs are not stable and tend to alter. You can also pay attention to the most reliable customers to take them as the basis for your buyer persona. If it still sounds complicated, use online templates. Also, try to create a negative buyer persona to understand which customers you shouldn’t target.                         

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