What is B2B Sales Outsourcing and Why Should You Use it?

What is B2B Sales Outsourcing and Why Should You Use it?

What Is B2B Sales Outsourcing?

Sometimes you really need to use sales outsourcing. For example, you don’t have enough experience in generating leads or you need to have a few more SDRs for several online marketing campaigns. Some B2B companies use sales outsourcing to have a cost-efficient way to expand their clientele.

B2B sales outsourcing is a shift of some business functions to other professionals or agencies. If, for example, you need urgent assistance in generating highly qualified leads, but you don’t have time for finding, hiring, and training professionals in-house, you can always use the option of B2B outsourcing.

Sales outsourcing professionals may be also preferable as compared to your own team because they have more experience in sales. Besides, such a team can better organize the process of reporting and analysis of the results. This is a kind of win-win situation: professionals in digital marketing help you generate leads and you can use your free time to satisfy the needs of the existing customers. Hence, for many B2B sales outsourcing sounds like a viable option.

When Can You Use B2B Sales Outsourcing?

There are situations when using sales outsourcing is strongly recommended. For example, you decided to change the sales model of your business or introduced a new product or service that requires special sales skills. You can also use sales outsourcing when entering new markets.

Sales outsourcing team can help realign the existing value proposition to the current market specifics based on the detailed analysis of your ICP. It can be useful while revealing real customer pains, looking for solutions and identifying whether what is offered fits your audience’s current needs. It can also help you to identify major competitors, or whether the products selected fit the market.

You can hire a sales outsourcing team if you need to perform an evaluation of product and market fit. Based on the results, you can enter a new market or use the outcomes as a part of your marketing strategy. However, experience of successful sales in your home country doesn’t always mean you can organize successful sales in other countries during your international expansion.

Building a Sales Model

You can outsource sales when you need to use a repeatable sales model for your business needs. Whether you sell directly or utilize various channels, you can apply for sales outsourcing assistance for your B2B. Your team can organize both inside and field sales. The option of inbound and outbound marketing is available as well. Your in-house team can get professional advice regarding successful patterns in your marketing strategy and repeat them. Also, outsourcing professionals know where you need to invest to grow your business and generate revenue.

Sales outsourcing specialists can be useful when expanding to countries with different business environments or mentality. For example, sales patterns should be different if you sell your products or services in Europe and Asia.

Systematic Leads Generation

The function of generating leads is outsourced more often. Lead generation services involve an extended list of services:

  • content marketing;
  • social selling;
  • SEO;
  • identification of target companies;
  • identification of ICP;
  • cold calls;
  • email prospects;
  • sales development;
  • qualifying and nurturing leads by email outreach.

These are only several areas, but you’re not limited to use it to reach other goals.

When making a decision to outsource, you will definitely face challenges associated with excessive expectations, low results or lack of transparency. You should not expect that sales outsourcing process runs smoothly at once. One year is the deadline after which you can observe tangible results. You should be patient, wait, and assist in the process. Also, develop KPI to measure the results and enhance clarity.

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