How to Fight Spam Filters While Conducting an Email Outreach?

How to Fight Spam Filters While Conducting an Email Outreach?

SPAM filters are a big headache for online businesses and marketers. It isn’t tremendous news that quite often SPAM filters waste marketers’ efforts. The fact that your email passed through one SPAM filter doesn’t mean that it will not be flagged by another. Here are several tips on how to avoid SPAM filters to increase the chances that your emails will land in your prospects’ inboxes when conducting an email outreach.

Mind the Links

Emails containing links often drop to SPAM boxes. Therefore, you should place links wisely. Their quality is also worth paying attention to. You need to check domain reputation before including them in your emails. For example, using branded URLs is preferable as it allows you to control the links and white label them with the help of your domain. This reduces the risk of marking your emails by SPAM filters. 

Mind Your Reputation

When it comes to links, not only the reputation of the domain is important, but also your reputation. The reputation of IP address and sender domain makes an impact on the acceptance of your emails by SPAM filters. You can use special websites to check the reputation of your domain and whether it’s on the blacklist.

Bulk Sending

The rule that you don’t have to send multiple emails to the same domain is as easy as pie. SPAM filters are particularly sensitive to sending multiple emails. They indicate your emails as SPAM if you start to send more than five emails to one domain. For example, this may happen if you’re sending emails to many customers of the same company. If you do so, your domain will be blocked with the probability of 100%.

Mind Bounce Rate

When preparing your email marketing campaign, try to reduce bounce rates. High bounce rate means that you’re sending emails to unreliable lists. There are many services that check if you’re going to send emails to existing users. Also, they allow to identify contacts of low and high value. Some platforms use special limits and safeguards that help prevent sending emails after getting high bounce rates to save your domain reputation. This is important for developing your marketing strategy and organizing effective email campaigns.

No Caps in Subject Line

Things like putting caps, excessive use of exclamations, triggers or phishing phrases such as “win” or “free” aren’t recommended. Also, you need to always use spell-checks as poorly formulated appeals automatically alienate your prospects.

Mind the Color

Text etiquette is an important component of your email marketing campaign when conducting your email outreach. Sometimes this factor is undervalued, but it really should be taken into account as people are very sensitive to colors. For example, avoiding red or white colors is important. The major problem is that spammers often use them. Therefore, carefully choose the colors of your text, so they reflect your idea.

Mind Image to Text Ratio

Always bear in mind the best practices of balancing text volume with the proportion of images. Excessively large images or a big number of them as compared to the text volume will send your emails directly to SPAM folders. Also, try to avoid the worst practices such as using videos, JavaScript and Flash in emails because they aren’t supported by emails of your prospects. The same is connected to the forms as they pose security risks.

Compliance Matters

It is always important to read local anti-SPAM laws while creating an email marketing campaign. One of the best compliance practices is to place unsubscribe links so your prospects have an opportunity to remove your email from the list. Keep in mind that the anti-SPAM laws of different countries vary.

Avoid Large Attachments

SPAM filters hate large attachments and flag them as SPAM. It’s not recommended to include .zip or .exe files if you plan to reach your prospect out. It’s better to send your prospects to your landing page where they can find what they search for.

The major goal of SPAM filters is to protect users from companies and individuals using wrong email practices or scammers searching the ways to deceive people. However, SPAM system has certain inconsistencies and gaps that result in blocking emails that don’t contain any threat for users. Follow our simple pieces of advice to ensure higher conversion rates of your email outreach.

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