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The average B2B purchase involves 6-10 decision-makers, making it essential to understand each company’s structure and how each contact fits within them.
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Manual research is significantly more effective when it comes to identifying prospects that are more likely to convert. With a clear understanding of who to look for and an experienced prospect research analyst on your team, you’ll be able to pinpoint all the right decision-makers that matter to your business.
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Validated Information
Unlike services that sell you their leads in bulk, and you can’t even validate the info in the first place, our research team always ensures that every piece of data we have on your leads is factual and up-to-date. Instead of buying large volumes and hoping that half are even real, focus on quality and precise targeting.
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Since quality is more important than quantity in the world of B2B lead generation, you can count on a significantly better ROI from a smaller number of leads that are manually researched and properly targeted, much like the services of a prospect research consultant in comparison to what you would get from buying a ton of unvalidated, likely outdated contacts from a database.
Get the maximum
number of
your prospects
Get the
maximum number of
your prospects
Prospect research photo - 17 01 Ideal Customer
Profile (ICP)
  • Which industries to target.
  • The type of companies to look for and their size.
  • The type of people you will be contacting in those companies.
  • Who the decision-makers are.
Prospect research photo - 18 02 Research Launch
  • The first test batch is sent in order to understand whether we got the ICP right and if we can continue working in that direction, or if adjustments need to be made.
  • After final approval, the research team can start to bring in a consistent flow of leads according to your search criteria.
Prospect research photo - 19 03 List Refinement
  • The lead master sheet is continuously updated and double-checked for inconsistencies, errors, or changes in the leads’ details;
  • Periodic meetings are held to keep everyone on track and aware of any changes.
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Find the right

Find the right

Work with our research department to identify key people within companies and establish communication with them.
Speak with a representative and learn more about how our research team works. 
Join the ranks
of our satisfied
Join the ranks
of our satisfied clients
“They started working. I seem to have a constant stream of calls, which is awesome.” 01/33
“The main and outstanding achievement of the current campaign is the 2% conversion rate.” 02/33

Our small team is impressed with the results of our research and email outreach campaign with SalesAR. No one could expect 2% of the conversion rate out of 1000 leads per month. We hoped for a 1% maximum as a good result, but the team did excellent work.

"They really understand how to build a service package that meets my needs." 03/33
"We enjoyed their work efficiency and commitment to learning more about our company" 04/33
"Their commitment to reaching our ICP, outreach goals and transparency have impressed us the most." 05/33
"They always try to understand my feedback and adjust accordingly." 06/33
"I was most impressed of how quickly the project was up and running." 07/33
"Everything appeared to be very professional, which was what exactly we were after." 08/33
"There is cooperation, communication, and mutual understanding between us." 09/33
"They worked very effectively." 10/33
"SalesAR's team is easy to work with our team and potential clients." 11/33
“We were most impressed with the work ethic, resilience, and great level of professionalism.” 12/33
"Their professionalism and transparency were impressive." 13/33

TEKenable engaged SalesAR to help grow our practice in 2021, and they have performed magnificently. We have used several lead generation partners over the years, and none have delivered to the level of SalesAR. The statistics speak for themselves. They have delivered the highest open and response rates we have seen and have been critical to the success of our practice. I highly recommend SalesAR if you’re looking for rapid lead generation results.

"We're satisfied with the workflow in general." 14/33
“They know how to find people who would be interested in your service.” 15/33

After two weeks of collaboration, SalesAR has successfully set up a meeting with a warm and qualified US lead. Their management style and communication are effective and organized. Furthermore, their performance and results have attested to their expertise in this field.

“The results have been so good that we’ve decided to expand our collaboration” 16/33
"We consider them our partners now." 17/33
"The most impressive things about the company are their client-oriented approach." 18/33

SalesAR increased the number of our clients by 18% only in 3 months. The work process is straightforward; reports are sent every week, which makes it easier to know about the steps and outcomes of our email campaign. It is a pleasure to cooperate with them as they often suggest different new ideas and solutions for developing our campaigns, which results in better outcomes. SalesAR was recommended to me, and now I can recommend SalesAR as well.

“Their quick communication and strict focus on our business goal are impressive.” 19/33
"We were totally pleased with the services of the team." 20/33

Finding suitable distributors and scheduling a call in this industry is quite challenging, so we turned to SalesAR for help. The risk was justified by more than 200%! For 3 months of our cooperation, more than 90 meetings were held, and about 30 more companies are interested in cooperating with us. Therefore, we are ready to cooperate further!

"They answered all of our questions and gave us a lot of support." 21/33
“It's been impressive to see how productive SalesAR is.” 22/33
"Elena was our primary contact and account manager, and she was fantastic and a pleasure to work with!" 23/33

The team’s responsiveness and overall customer service were greatly appreciated. Their success rate was high, and they truly operated like a real company member.

"I found that their responsiveness was the most impressive and impactful aspect of their service." 24/33
"They are truly a powerhouse in marketing and generating leads." 25/33
"They are experts in our industry, which made it easier to entrust them with all the processes." 26/33

They are proactive, organized, and skilled in their expertise, providing lead-generation and appointment-setting services. Their professionalism is also noteworthy. Customers can plan for a fruitful engagement while working with SalesAR’s team.

"They pay attention not only to some general factors but also to the smallest details." 27/33
"It is a pleasure to cooperate with them." 28/33
“SalesAR have quickly become an integral part of our business development efforts.” 29/33
"Their weekly checkpoints and high-quality reports are impressive in the workflow." 30/33
"SalesAR managed to keep everything up and running very fast to achieve the goals set." 31/33
"They really helped us take our business to the next level!" 32/33

SalesAR is very comfortable to work with. After thoroughly discussing our requirements, we received a list of companies the team had planned to work on. All contacts were a great fit, i.е. matched precisely to our target audience. They did an excellent job with the outreach and LinkedIn campaign, communicated with the prospects, and set up several calls with qualified leads. Thanks a lot to the SalesAR team for their hard work! They helped us take our business to the next level!

“Now that they started working I seem to have a constant stream of calls, which is awesome.” 33/33
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Need a cost-
effective way to
find the right
Need a cost-
effective way to
find the right
Our service will provide your business with a constant stream of appointments with warmed-up leads
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