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Roman Shvets | Salesar.io
Roman Shvets
Anton Ziniuk | Salesar.io
Anton Ziniuk
SalesAR is a B2B lead generation company aiming at boosting your sales and spreading your brand awareness among the targeted audience. We are here to provide you with warm leads no matter how difficult your ICP is.
Let it be your challenge for us.


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B2B lead generation

You receive a polished database with accurate leads with this service.
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B2B lead generation + appointment setting

We prepare a database for you, negotiate with your clients, and set appointments with them.
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We check your domain for all the spam issues that might interfere with sending emails.
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Clients' Testimonials

Photo client | Salesar.io
Wojciech Daniłoś
Sales Director
With the small number of people in my team we got issue with organizing campaigns and attracting new potential clients. Right now with the help of SalesAR we increased our meetings with customers by a significant margin. Considering we work with them for last 2 months and by quality of leads I can tell you that they know what they do. The SalesAR team is made with the professionals which are target oriented and their customer support is top notch! IF you are looking for a way to improve your sale rate by attracting new clients – SalesAR is the way to go!
Photo client | Salesar.io
Dimitar Stamov
"PPS Manufacturing"
I strongly recommend Elena and SalesAR for the great prospecting they made for us. The task was complex and complicated, and they did it perfectly.
Photo client | Salesar.io
Nick Vorobiov
Chief Commercial Officer
Zoopit has been working with SalesAR for already more than 3 months on the email and LinkedIn outreach campaign. We are satisfied with getting quality leads (1000 each month) and converting 1% into pretty interesting appointments. During our cooperation, we had more than 30 appointments and I hope that team will keep the same pace. We cooperate pretty tight, having weekly reporting calls and always discussing what can be done to improve the results. I enjoy our process and hope for a long-term relationship.
Photo client | Salesar.io
Alexi Vereschaga
CEO & Owner
This is my first lead gen company, so I don't have anything to compare them to but I love how organized and professional they are. At the end of the day, I am measuring them based on the number of sales calls that they book for me and the quality of those leads. Now that they started working I seem to have a constant stream of calls, which is awesome. We shared a Slack channel where we could quickly communicate about potential clients and where new appointments were shared in addition to getting added to my calendar. I was getting weekly reports on the number of potential contacts found, on email open rate, the number of clients reached, and the number of appointments scheduled. Overall the experience was great!
Photo client | Salesar.io
Karl Nilsson
Our small team is impressed with the results of the research and email outreach campaign we have with SalesAR. No one could expect 2% of the conversion rate out of 1000 leads per month. We hoped for 1% maximum as a good result but the team did excellent work.
Photo client | Salesar.io
Vlad Sokolenko
SalesAR is very comfortable to work with. After a thorough discussion of our requirements, we received a list of companies the team had been planning to work on. All contacts were a great fit, i.е. matched exactly to our target audience. They did an excellent job with the outreach and LinkedIn campaign, communicated with the prospects and set up a number of calls with qualified leads. Thanks a lot to SalesAR team for their hard work! They really helped us take our business to the next level!
Photo client | Salesar.io
Djois Franklin
We started working with SalesAR in February 2022 and received numerous calls during the first week of the outreach. SalesAR’s team is constantly in touch with us ready to help with any request, which brings positive results in the end. I like our effective cooperation and will keep working with them on other projects as well.
Photo client | Salesar.io
Christine Wigert
Senior Director of Business Development
"SCORR Marketing"
SalesAR performed lead generation for a full-service marketing solution company. They conducted a questionnaire survey to identify ICPs accurately and provided a list of potential companies in an Excel file. SalesAR successfully set up 38 appointments and increased the email open rate by 62% and with a 12% response rate. The team primarily addressed concerns on email and held monthly meetings for campaign success reports. Overall, their customer service and high success rate were awe-inspiring.
Photo client | Salesar.io
Robert Stankosh
VP of Sales
We have been very happy with the performance of SalesAR. Over the past 5 months, they have generated over 40 high quality leads for us. We have weekly calls to synch on updates and and needed messaging changes. The overall result was over 60% open rate and greater than 5% reply rate. The team at SalesAR is easy to work with and communicates well with our team and potential clients. We have tried several outreach companies and SalesAR has consistently performed at the top.
Photo client | Salesar.io
Padraig McCarthy
Sales Director
TEKenable engaged SalesAR to help grow our practice in 2021 and they have performed magnificently. We have used a number of different lead generation partners over the years and none have delivered to the level of SalesAR. The statistics speak for themselves. They have delivered the highest open and response rates we have seen and have been critical to the success of our practice. I highly recommend SalesAR if you’re looking for rapid lead generation results.
Photo client | Salesar.io
Nikolay Vorobyev
Head of Business Development
"Vector Software"
We started working with SalesAR in February 2021, and it’s an ongoing collaboration. The results have been so good that we’ve decided to expand our collaboration with them. We started with a thousand contacts a month and we’re now sending three thousand. I’m very happy with their work. They always ask for feedback and adapt their way of working to improve. For these kinds of projects, it’s always a trial and error process. They do this very quickly, thus the good results.
Photo client | Salesar.io
Kirill Salov
VP of Sales
"Our company has been a provider of cloud services for 15 years, a leader in the storage, processing, delivery, acceleration, and protection of data on the Internet. We turned to SalesAr with a very interesting task, because we were only interested in the top 50 companies in different segments, from banking to the Internet. SalesAR has shown the ability to establish and implement a difficult lead generation strategy. In terms of lead consistency and quantity, they have exceeded our estimates. Out of 500 leads, 20 calls were assigned, which makes us incredibly happy. The team was always available to advise us and provide us with data and detailed analytics on the current situation, which provided us with a wealth of information. It's also good to work with people who are used to resolving even the most difficult problems."
Photo client | Salesar.io
Oleg Tyagunov
"OTG Health"
"OTG supplies personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, respirators, etc.), Tissue materials, and medical devices (disinfection units and control gates, fans, non-contact infrared thermometers, COVID tests). In this industry, it is quite difficult to find good distributors and schedule a call, so we turned to SalesAR for help. After filling out the ICP, we were offered very favorable conditions and prices for cooperation and we decided to take a chance. The risk was justified by more than 200%! For 3 months of our cooperation, more than 90 meetings were held and about 30 more companies are interested in cooperation with us. Did we expect such a response? Not at all! Therefore, we are ready to cooperate further!"
Photo client | Salesar.io
Ivan Baklanoff
Founder and CEO
IT-Compliance collaborated with SalesAR for a few months, which means that we are satisfied with the lead generation and appointment setting services this company provides. We liked the communication between our teams. SalesAR’s account manager and SDRs who worked on our project responded to our requests within a few minutes and we're always ready to jump on the calls to discuss the progress. In general, we liked the accurate database gathered by the research team as well as SDRs effective communication with the prospects, which altogether brought us a few really productive calls.
Photo client | Salesar.io
Sergey Borovkov
Managing Partner
"Lighting Business Consulting"
I got to know SalesAR after receiving an email about their services. But genuine interest arose after an online meeting with Roman Shvets whose confident and sincere answers to all of my questions invited my confidence. After our call, I was sure the team could do their best to achieve positive outcomes for my specific project. While working on my project, I really liked the interaction with SalesAR's team - regular updates on the status, instant communication with me once peculiar issues or questions arose helped to complete my difficult project perfectly and on time !!! Great job SalesAR !!!
Photo client | Salesar.io
Veronika Orlovskaya
During our cooperation with SalesAR, the company has proved itself as a reliable and customer-oriented partner. The goal we set for SalesAR was to prepare a database with the attendees of one of our events. The high-quality database was prepared right on time. All in all, we are satisfied with the outcomes and this is why we proceed with our cooperation and are eager to recommend SalesAR to all of our partners.
Photo client | Salesar.io
Marek Ladyvir
SalesAR increased the number of our clients by 18% only in 3 months. The work process is clear, reports are sent every week, which makes it easier to know about the steps and outcomes of our email campaign. It is a pleasure to cooperate with them as they often suggest different new ideas and solutions for developing our campaigns, which results in better outcomes. SalesAR was recommended to me, and now I can recommend SalesAR as well.
Photo client | Salesar.io
Anastasiia Bobeshko
Marketing Manager
We had a pretty good start during the first month of our cooperation with SalesAR, so we decided to go for it and extended our contract for two more. We've had a dedicated account manager, an SDR, and a team of researchers working on our project. As MaxBill is operating in quite a complicated domain, the task of finding the proper opportunities is not as easy as it seems. SalesAR managed to keep everything up and running very fast, the team listened to our concerns and swiftly made all the necessary changes to achieve the goals set. We were also receiving weekly reports, that help keep track of the progress.
Photo client | Salesar.io
Lev Korolkov
IT Business Unit manager
Not so long ago, we started working with SalesAR, the main task of which was to attract new clients. What astonished me was the fact that the company doesn't use the one-size-fits-all templates in their work and has an individual approach to everything, from communication to templates writing and database compilation. The tasks assigned to SalesAR were completed on time. So I recommend SalesAR due to their attitude and the results they've shown. We'll definitely keep cooperating with them in the future.
Photo client | Salesar.io
Andrew Sazonov
SalesAR implemented effective outreach that led to an increase in the number of weekly conversions. The team is receptive to feedback, which encourages continuous improvement of the processes. They are proactive, organized and skilled in their field of expertise, providing lead generation and appointment setting services. Their professionalism is also noteworthy. Customers can plan for a fruitful engagement while working with SalesAR's team.
Photo client | Salesar.io
Alexander Izryadnov
"Vinci Agency"
Vinci Agency is excited of how SalesAR managed to accept the challenge and precisely reach the goals in a short period of time. We extended the contract with the partner as we have seen the real effect on our sales. SalesAR is able to research, then hit the target audience and finally take all of the routine and administrative staff to help us focus on the most significant business tasks.
Photo client | Salesar.io
Andrey Sharlay
Head Of Sales
We have recently started working with SalesAR and our cooperation surpassed my expectations. SalesAR's team is active and flexible. They presented us with a quality database formed according to our Ideal Customer Profile in time. We also received weekly reports that showed the progress and discussed the outcomes aiming at boosting the results. This is why we recommend SalesAR as a lead generation and sales partner.
Photo client | Salesar.io
Pavel Sirovatskiy
Head of Business Development
We ran just one campaign with SalesAR so far - but I can say that these guys are true professionals in their area. Client-oriented, detailed in all aspects, knowing their business - and always open to discussion and changes in the project. The results of our campaign were very good! I can only recommend SalesAR to anyone who looks for a great lead generation team.
Photo client | Salesar.io
Evgenia Pedan
Head of Project Department
We started our cooperation with SalesAR, which was our first experience with a lead generation company. These guys did a great job while looking for and communicating with European clients. We understand that our sales cycle for such a group of customers is not fast, but SalesAR was able to arrange quality calls and transmit warm leads to us. We assume that we will receive the first signed contracts in the near future. We surely recommend SalesAR as a professional lead generation provider.
Photo client | Salesar.io
Petеr Starokadomskiy
Director of Marketing
"Pregnancy Tracker"
We are very satisfied with the outcomes of our email marketing campaign. We have already received positive responses from such recognizable FMCG brands as Avon, Coca-Cola, Lego Group,Nestlé and others. We are definitely subscribing for the second month as the first one has brought fruitful results. Instead of around 10 promised appointments, SDRs engaged more than 20 prospects. They attracted such huge brands as Nestle, Kimberly-Clark, H&M, PepsiCo and others to our app. We had also asked SDRs to add and manage the contacts in our CRM, which they kindly agreed to do. Such positive results and hard work made us want to have long-lasting cooperation with SalesAR.

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