How to Set Sales Appointments Virtually. Part 1

How to Set Sales Appointments Virtually. Part 1

It’s reasonable that some people are hesitant to sell online. When COVID struck, many sales teams were compelled to do things they had never done before. You’ll have to conduct phone discussions or use a video conferencing tool instead of meeting with prospects face to face.

Sure, you feel a little more at ease conducting virtual sales calls over time. But it’s not only about individuals feeling better at ease selling on video or over the phone; it’s about converting your in-person sales process to a virtual approach to provide the greatest possible experience.

The better you grow at selling online, the more opportunities you’ll have to build stronger virtual relationships, close transactions, and close those deals faster. 

If you’re nodding your head and thinking to yourself, “ain’t that the truth,” stay a few minutes longer as I offer six virtual sales appointment tactics that can help you complete transactions quicker.

1.Before you make your first call, be sure you have realistic expectations.

One of the most crucial sales calls you’ll ever make is with a prospect. It establishes the first impression between you and your prospect by setting expectations. So, why not get a head start on making a good first impression even before you meet for the first time?

Do not forget to place a form on your company’s website where your potential client can choose the time and date of the call. Include a text, or a video, next to the form that explains exactly what will happen if the prospect fills out the form. 

You should also have a backup plan in place for your virtual call in case you or your prospect has technological issues. Having a solid first call helps you stand out from the crowd and, as a result, builds a better basis for closing.

2.To avoid no-shows, provide a good day-of reminder.

One of the biggest disappointments a salesperson can have is 100% losing a deal, but scheduling a call with someone only to have them no-show, is also right up there. 

Unfortunately, we’re witnessing more no-shows than ever before with virtual sales appointments. Consider this: There is a greater sense of duty when someone has agreed to meet with you in person.

That person has arranged a spot, readied themselves, and is waiting for you. They’d feel a lot worse about not turning up. But if the meeting was virtual, where all they’d have to do is get on a Zoom/ Google meet call. 

As a result, many people get away with skipping sales meetings. So, what can you do to be ahead of the game?

Make sure you have a good day of reminder. I genuinely feel that part of persuading someone to show up to a call is setting expectations and doing things ahead of time, but you can also do things on the day that will increase your odds of the prospect showing up. One thing I suggest is that you don’t rely on your calendar invite to deliver the reminder. 

On the morning of the meeting, you should send an email to your prospect reminding them of:

  • Location. Is it a video conference line that they’re using? What method do they use to gain access to it? What happens if it doesn’t work out?
  • Agenda. What’s going on during the initial call? Did you provide them the resources they needed to read/watch ahead of time? Remind and re-share with your prospect what they are.  
  • Expectations. What they should expect to get out of the call. What can they anticipate to gain from this conversation with you? 

This is something you should be doing in your sales communications daily, but showing your face in these emails allows you to establish an even stronger connection.

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