Marketers Rebel: When is The Best Time to Send Emails?

Marketers Rebel: When is The Best Time to Send Emails?

Some are convinced that on Monday, it is time to set a rhythm and people will be happy to read your emails. Others could say that Monday is a tough day and sending emails will only piss off customers. And the third is expected to be most active over the weekend. Spend 10 minutes reading this article to increase the visibility of your email campaign.

What is the best time to email?

It is impossible to say unequivocally that one of the marketers is wrong. The time it takes to send and open emails depend on several factors:

  • fields of activity of the sender
  • email content
  • mailing frequency
  • the target audience
  • the devices on which messages are opened most often

Let’s take a look at each day together and you will determine the best time to email according to your industry.

The best day to send bulk emails: Monday

Monday is considered as a lazy day. After the weekend, people are relaxed and have not yet entered the correct rhythm. It would seem that there is no desire to answer questions and think, but statistics suggest otherwise.

According to SurveyMonkey research, emails sent on Monday received 10% more openings than on other days of the week.

Tuesday: worst day of the week – the best time to email newsletters

What’s the hardest day of the week for you? If it’s Tuesday, then you’re not alone. The myth of “Hell Monday” has long been debunked, as recently it was Tuesday that received the laurels of the worst day. Indeed, on this day we meet face to face with the harsh reality of working days.

Nevertheless, it can be the best time to send emails. Unisender claims that emails work better on Tuesday. But be careful, the competition is maximum these days, so work on the quality of your email newsletter.

Wednesday: Is it worth doing an email campaign?

Harland Clarke Digital conducted research based on 1 billion emails. As a result, Wednesday received almost the same indicators as Tuesday. The open rate of emails on Wednesday was 20.6%.

Thursday is the worst day for email newsletters

Figuring out which day of the week is the best time to send emails is very difficult, but the worst one is simple.

Previously, Thursday was considered the most popular day for sending email campaigns. Marketers have followed this advice for many years. But by sending an email on Thursday today, you will get the opposite result. There are too many letters in the inbox, and people just ignore the mail.

Friday: Preparing for the weekend or preparing promotional emails?

On Friday, customers are busy with only one thought – how to sleep for the weekend. But this is not the only thing that interests their thoughts. It is at the end of the working week that B2C emails receive the greatest response from the audience. And we didn’t come up with it.

The Weekend: Send email newsletters or give people a break?

According to the same study, B2B audience opens more emails on weekends. Businessmen and entrepreneurs are especially active these days.

Take advantage of the high OR (open rate) in the first half of the week to send your email newsletter: share updates, blog posts, or simply share useful facts with your subscribers.

If the goal of your campaign is clicking on a link, subscribing customers to a webinar, then it would be more expedient to organize sending on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Open rates are high on weekends: the influx of letters decreases and recipients can finally read messages in their inbox.

Here, for example, are the results of a newsletter that was intended only for a brief introduction: on New Year’s Eve (it was Tuesday) sent recipients an annual report of their work. The results exceeded expectations – the open rate (41.9%) and click-through rate (21.5%) were in no way inferior to all previous days. By this, we are trying to say that if you have interesting content, then the time it is sent is not so important.

The best hours for bulk email newsletters

The time of day affects the CTR (click-through rate) and the OR in the same way as the choice of the day. Prefer to send an email in the morning? This can play a cruel joke on you.

Yes, most people read their mail in the morning trying to start their day productively. But a lot of information is simply skipped or archived. Likely, your notification may also fall under this pressure. No matter how useful it was, because of the morning stress and rush, a person might simply not notice it. This is a strong evidence for the lunchtime and evening mailing lists.

Best time to read email newsletters

When preparing an e-mail newsletter, be guided by the approximate reading time of your letters by recipients.

Research by GetResponse has shown that an email has the highest chances of being opened within the first hour after sending. Over the next 4 hours, the rating falls below 5%. After 24 hours, the chances of your email being opened are reduced to 1%. Based on this, rush hour in the evening, the moment when people relax and can freely devote themselves to reading.

Bottom line: When is the best time to mail

  1. Surveys and questionnaires are best sent on Monday.
  2. Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days in terms of open rates.
  3. Thursday is the worst day for email newsletters.
  4. It is advisable to send messages for the B2C segment on Friday.
  5. Weekends are the best time to send webinars and emails to the B2B segment.
  6. The optimal hours for mailing are from 8 to 12, but the highest engagement is expected from 20 to 22.

With the help of automatic mail sender (,, etc.), you can schedule mailing for different times. Its results will show you when to send messages to your subscribers. Remember, there is no universal time for sending email campaigns, but through testing, you will determine the best time to send an email to your audience.



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