Reasons to Use Email Marketing

Reasons to Use Email Marketing

Why Should Every Business Use Email Marketing?

The news that email marketing is getting back to the stage isn’t surprising: 3.8 billion people are using emails to communicate and get important information. So why don’t you use this marketing channel to promote your business? This is a relatively cheap way to attract new customers! It’s hard to believe but email marketing is even more effective than social media outreach.

So what are the reasons to use email marketing? Read further to know.

Build Relationships with Target Audience

Email marketing provides businesses with an opportunity for personal engagement: addressing customers personally in the subject line provides them with communication they need in the era of digitalization. As a result, your chances to be heard increase by 20%!

There are other ways to build relations with existing customers:

  • send notifications about free offerings or discounts;
  • don’t forget to congratulate them on birthdays;
  • update them on the topics of interest regularly.

Use an automated email platform to save your time. Meaningful content is also essential. A well-written text in your email helps build relationships with your prospects and increase conversions.

Increase Brand Awareness

Email marketing can be a powerful tool to boost awareness of your brand if you use it wisely. Start from welcome emails – this strategy always works. Valuable content is another key moment in your email marketing strategy: let them read what they want and address their concerns. Add a strong CTA to enhance customer experience. CTA encourages your prospect to open an email and spend time reading it. This is the first step to successful conversions.

Content Promotion

One of the ways to promote content is to use special plugins. WordPress offers “Email This Page” plugin to enable your users to share content with their family, friends and coworkers. You can create an archive of emails as it helps increase traffic and better SEO. Creating a roundup email of your recent posts can attract your target audience’s attention. If the rate of opening emails isn’t high enough, you can use follow-up emails. There is a recommendation to the subject line: align it with current cultural trends or wake up curiosity of your target audience. A surprising subject line creates interest and willingness to open your email.

Lead Generation

Generating leads with the help of email marketing is easy: many marketers use their free marketing tools to attract your primary audience. A lead is someone who fills in your opt-in form on the website and downloads a free e-book or visits a free webinar. The trap is that this person might not be interested in your products or services – his/her major purpose is getting free content. At this stage, generating leads becomes a more difficult task. You need to engage with potential customers who are at different stages of the buying cycle. Therefore, they need different content to guide them through the buying process.

Products Promotion

It’s not a secret that many companies use email marketing to promote new products. To launch the campaign, you need to create top-notch content that addresses your target audience’s concerns. In fact, in such emails, you need to give the reasons to purchase your product, describe its benefits, and explain how this product can solve the problems your customers face. Use marketing automation plan to include all useful pieces of content.

Nurturing Leads

Marketing automation software is the best tool for leads nurturing. You can develop tracks specific to your business or product. When preparing a marketing campaign, you can create emails for each marketing track in advance. This will facilitate cohesive communication with potential customers. After developing marketing tracks, you can manually place customers into the corresponding streams. You can categorize your audience based on behavioral triggers. In this case, email communication aids one in building credibility and gain trust in your prospects. Also, email marketing helps keep your company top-of-mind when your potential customers are ready to make a purchase.  

On the contrary to the existing stereotypes, email marketing is still alive. Moreover, it can be used to reach multiple purposes including product promotion, generating, and nurturing leads. Therefore, everyone should include this powerful marketing tool in their marketing strategy.                                   

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