Things to Pay Attention to Before Sending Emails

Things to Pay Attention to Before Sending Emails

Do you remember this devastating feeling when you click “send”, a bunch of emails is sent to your prospects but suddenly you notice a grammar mistake in the body of your message?

When developing an email marketing campaign, you have to keep many details in mind. Let’s consider the checklist of the actions you should do before sending emails.

Grammar Checks

The message you transfer to your prospects in emails is the language you talk to your target audience. When creating the write-ups, read them several times before you come up with the final version. Also, you can use online grammar checkers.

One of the most useful grammar checking tools is Grammarly. You can use it to check grammar and spelling. Also, it’s often used to proofread texts. However, don’t rely on them too much. The combination of manual and automatic grammar check is a good choice.


The format of your message is something that should be checked before sending emails because it’s often distorted when the test is placed into the email body. You may forget to add extra space or bullets are not displayed properly. Check each component of your email carefully and consider all possible mistakes in format that may occur.

Email format is important since some devices may not recognize rarely used fonts. It’s preferable to use fonts commonly installed on the widely used versions of Windows or Apple. The size of your font also helps make your message readable thus increasing open rates.

Broken Links

This is one of the most annoying mistakes that may happen. The links you send in your emails help prospects switch directly to the website. If the link is broken, potential customers will never visit your website. It’s easy to check whether the link is broken: you just need to follow it. If the link is broken, you will see a 404 error instead of your website.

Fix your link and then try again before sending your email. This will help generate more leads and increase the number of visits on your website.

Blurred or Distorted Images

There are certain requirements to the images you would like to place in your emails. For example, placing large, stretched or pixilated images isn’t recommended as they may look distorted. Check how the images are displayed and adjust them if needed. This will help make your email more professional.

To provide accessibility, you need to make sure that your potential customers can read messages using different devices. For example, your target audience may prefer using laptops, tablets, or both types of devices. Recently, a greater number of users tend to read emails from mobile phones. Keep this in mind when thinking about accessibility. Also, explore the options your prospects tend to use and adjust the format of your email to these requirements.

Subject Lines and Signatures

Whatever your message is, your emails must not look like it has been sent by a robot. Your potential customers would prefer getting emails from a real person rather than a company. Personalization is a key to success of every marketing campaign.

As for the subject lines, they should be short and deliver the main idea of your message concisely. For example, a length of 50 characters is preferable. If your customers use mobile phones to read your messages, they will appreciate your efforts.

Anti-SPAM Requirements

Make sure your email will not drop into your prospects’ SPAM boxes. Otherwise, you’re wasting your energy on sending emails that will never be read. Read the CAN-SPAM Act or other legislation regulating commercial messaging. For example, your email address should be valid. You need to avoid any misleading or deceptive information in your email. Also, you should indicate the ways to unsubscribe if your prospects decide to do so. Violating SPAM restrictions may result in severe penalties. Therefore, this section should be checked even more carefully than others.


It may seem insignificant but colors matter. Some colors catch the eyes of your target audience but others may tear them away. Check whether the background coloring doesn’t make reading difficult or whether odd shades strain your eyes. The text should be readable from the perspective of colors, background, and font.

Broken Sharing Buttons

If you use social media in your email marketing campaign, you need to check sharing buttons because sometimes they simply don’t work. There is a wide range of tools that help create social media sharing buttons that work. Also, you should run your email through an email testing tool before you finalize it. This helps avoid regrettable occurrences that may be the cause of failure of your email marketing campaign. You can check any component of your campaign using email testing tools.

Plain Text Format

The text of your email should be viewed both in plain text and HTML formats. This is important as it helps check shortened links, bullet points, and headers for consistency. By checking plain text format you can reveal the mistakes that you passed during previous checks.

Here we listed some basic points that should be paid attention to when working on your email marketing campaign. You can make your own checklist adjusted to the particular features of your campaign. This will help not to miss anything out and increase awareness of your brand online.

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