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                  Best B2B Sales Lead Generation Solutions for Your Business

                  face Author Irina Lebedjuk
                  fi-rr-clock Read duration 5 min read
                  fi-rr-calendar Published date May. 01, 2023

                  Best B2B Sales Lead Generation Solutions for Your Business

                  There are many B2B sales strategies and methods to choose from, and while they all promise to be effective, they all have their own peculiarities and specifics, making them good for some things, and mediocre at others. Here are 3 sales lead generation solutions and methodologies you should consider if you’re looking to sustain or grow your business. 

                  Cold Calling

                  While many marketers despise cold calls, they are an important component of the sales process. It’s a classic after all. A marketing call can be positively received by businesses that really need the products and services you provide, and a good cold-calling salesman can sell air if he needs to. While we prefer to stick to other methodologies, cold calling is an option at SalesAR

                  Although some people consider it illegal, cold calls have proven to be one of the best ways to communicate with customers on a personal level, especially when the person on the other side is simply too awkward or anxious to say – No.

                  Successful cold-calling salespeople must be persistent and prepared for constant rejection, and they must be fully prepared at all times by studying their prospect demographics and the marketplace. This is one of the more high-risk high-reward sales lead generation solutions.

                  Interesting Fact #1 – More than half (57%) of C-level executives prefer that salespeople contact them by phone.

                  Benefits of Cold Calling

                  • Quick response time, which gives you the opportunity to immediately change the customer’s mind;
                  • Increased loyalty. Even in the case of rejections, your brand becomes more recognizable;
                  • You get to gather information to make more personalized offers. Even when a customer refuses to buy, you can ask a few additional questions. (Also possible, to an extent, with the other sales lead generation solutions);
                  • Opportunity to market products. Just from the call alone, people will learn about your company, and the higher the level of professionalism of the operator, the higher the conversion rate;
                  • Time-saving. Usually, you know straight away whether someone is interested or not;
                  • Reduction in advertising campaign costs. After training the call operators and obtaining the necessary equipment, you generally do not have to spend a lot of money after that.

                  Inbound Marketing

                  Inbound marketing is the opposite of traditional sales management practices. Here, potential customers find your product/service themselves through publications, social media posts, ads, etc. Your job here is to provide them with all the information they need, to help the customer make a purchasing decision.

                  Inbound marketing is also a lot more than just selling a product. Controlling your customer’s every move and convincing them that they definitely need your solution doesn’t work anymore. Instead, adjust your sales strategy and align it with your buyers’ needs, helping them every step of the way. One of the key differences between this method and the other sales lead generation solutions is that you can have a huge impact on your sales with some single viral post or ad, for example. You can market consistently with no results, and then explode in popularity and acquire multiple clients in one day.  

                  To engage your audience, develop a strong content strategy. Social media and advertising are great for introducing users to your brand and product. Blogging will position you as a trusted and reliable source in your industry and allow your target audience to find you. It’s also important to develop an SEO strategy so that your site is optimized for search.

                  Benefits of Inbound Marketing

                  • You choose who you work with. With quality inbound sales, clients call or write to you themselves;
                  • You work with a “warm” audience. The flow of leads in incoming sales is ensured by a customer-oriented marketing strategy. (The client is familiar with your cases, client testimonials, is a subscriber, etc.) 
                  • You spend less on the sales department. When you implement an inbound sales model, you no longer need an outreach department. Sales managers only work with incoming requests.

                  Outbound Marketing (B2B Lead Generation Services)

                  The game plan here is simple. First, you study the target audience – who they are, their preferences, obvious and potential problems they may have, etc. Next, you determine how your or someone else’s company can help these potential customers.

                  Based on the data, you develop a strategy and choose the fitting communication channels. In other words, the essence of outbound marketing is to spread ads as widely as possible to an audience through one or more promotional methods. In the case of SalesAR – email marketing remains king. It should come as no surprise that outbound marketing, and more specifically – emails, is our pick of the best sales lead generation solutions

                  Interesting Fact #2 – As of 2022, the number of email users worldwide is estimated to be around 4.3 billion. This figure is set to grow to 4.6 billion in 2025, making up more than half of the expected world population. 

                  Benefits of Outbound Marketing

                  • You can track any metrics you’re interested in. Not only will you be aware of what works, but you will also know which areas you can improve upon for maximum effectiveness;
                  • You can reach out to your perfect target audience. One of the main steps of our marketing campaigns at SalesAR is forming the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) where we identify who we’re reaching out to, and where;
                  • It’s very cost-effective. Email marketing consistently demonstrates some of the best ROI out of all marketing methods. We’re talking in the range of $10 – $44 return on every $1 spent;
                  • It’s easy to stay relevant and maintain brand awareness. You are in full control of what, how much, and to whom you’re sending your messages;
                  • Easy implementation of Call to Action. Steer your readers in the right direction by giving them a hint of what to do next. This is a great way to increase sales conversions, and it is actually a tool you can use in other sales lead generation solutions

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