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                  Six Tips to Boost Lead-Nurturing Email Results

                  face Author Maxim Skrypnyk
                  fi-rr-clock Read duration 3 min read
                  fi-rr-calendar Published date Apr. 25, 2023

                  Six Tips to Boost Lead-Nurturing Email Results

                  Relationships are formed as a result of lead nurturing. And partnerships need more than a one-size-fits-all approach. Here are some pointers to help you optimize your marketing for the best outcomes:

                  Tip 1: In order to personalize your approach, use empathy.

                  Have you ever noticed how differently we speak and write when we put on our marketing and sales hats or walk into our offices?

                  This is what I mean. Do your marketing communications approach individuals as things to be converted, such as getting a click, for example? Or do they regard them as though they are individuals you can assist? The finest marketing makes you feel like you’re helping others (because it is.)

                  Humanize your emails, establish a relationship, and always provide value. It’s astonishing how much of a difference this can make. Check the tone of your email communications as well. Do you communicate in a sales or sympathetic tone?

                  Tip 2: Concentrate on what is truly important to them and what inspires them.

                  It is essential to understand what consumers desire in order to effectively serve them. Unfortunately, many marketers do not have the opportunity to speak personally with the people to whom they are sending nurturing emails. Inside sales, customer service representatives, or salespeople are frequently the ones that speak with potential clients live and/or in person.

                  Here are a few solutions:

                  • Always pick up the phone;
                  • Before sending out nurturing emails, solicit feedback from your sales and business development representatives;
                  • Get out in the field with your sales team and meet customers face-to-face.

                  To summarize, treat others the way they want to be treated. 

                  Tip 3: Determine where they are in the purchasing process.

                  The aim of lead nurturing is to keep a meaningful and consistent conversation going with possible prospective clients, no matter where they are in the purchasing process. It all comes down to connections.

                  Make sure to give different types of information to your prospects depending on where they are in the consumer purchasing experience. It’s useful to note that all client purchasing cycles fall into three distinct funnel phases.

                  ToFu: Top of the funnel

                  The top of the funnel is the widest step in the sales funnel. Here you will have a large number of potential customers who are interested in a niche topic related to your business. Most of them won’t turn into paying customers in the long run, but that’s okay. ToFu content will help you attract and weed out leads that won’t convert.

                  The leaders at the top of the funnel are doing some initial research on the topic. They don’t necessarily want to buy something. Therefore, the last thing you should do is bombard them with promotional offers. Instead, you should create content that answers their questions and helps them learn more about your niche.

                  MoFu: Middle of the funnel

                  Once you’ve captured your customers’ contact information, you can start serving them some average content. MoFu content will be a mixture of the same useful, informative pieces as ToFu content, as well as more advanced content. At this point, you can start to assume that your leads have specific needs or concerns that can help your business.

                  BoFu: Bottom of the Funnel

                  Bottom-up content is for the leads you want to buy. They just need to make sure that your product/service is worth the money and that it is better than all the competition.

                  This is the only point in your sales funnel where you can start selling. You have already captured your leader’s interest during ToFu and won their trust during MoFu. Now you need to help them make a buying decision. Sales pages, product features/highlights, and vendor comparison guides are helpful at this stage.

                  I shared three tips you can use to improve your marketing and nurturing emails to boost relevancy, engagement, conversion, and ultimately results. Come back in a week for 3 more tips!

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