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                  SalesAR’s Successful German Outreach for US Cybersecurity Company Expanding into Central Europe

                  3000 Contacts Researched
                  35 Appointment Scheduled
                  13% Reply Rate

                  Client Overview

                  The company is a US-based cybersecurity giant aiming to enter the Central European market. They specialize in providing cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions to businesses across various industries. The name of the company is not indicated according to the NDA rules.


                  The company partnered with SalesAR to achieve the following goals:

                  1. Research all industries, excluding Government/Ministries in the DACH region.
                  2. Prepare and translate a content strategy into German for better engagement in the target countries.
                  3. Generate at least 5 appointments per month.

                  SalesAR’s Approach

                  SalesAR researched leads according to the ICP, targeting CISOs, CSOs, CIOs, CTOs, DTOs, etc. from multiple companies in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The team aimed to attract attention to their offer by raising awareness of cybersecurity issues. The SDR communicated with prospects in German, leading to high levels of engagement, with the client expecting 15 appointments within the period of cooperation.

                  Responsible team

                  Solutions Implemented

                  1. Targeted Research: SalesAR identified key decision-makers from various industries in the DACH region.
                  2. German Content Strategy: The team prepared and translated the content strategy into German for better engagement.
                  3. Effective Outreach: SalesAR reached out to prospects in German, resulting in high levels of engagement.

                  How We Did It

                  During the third month of cooperation, the campaign has shown excellent performance. The team found 2250 contacts according to the ICP and has contacted most of them by now. The average Open Rate is currently 44%, and the Reply Rate is over 10%, which is outstanding. Additionally, SalesAR has 35 hot leads with whom the SDR is working, and they expect to generate even more appointments in the third month.


                  SalesAR’s targeted approach and effective German outreach led to impressive results for the Company:

                  Contacts Reached out
                  Appointment Booked
                  Reply Rate
                  1. High Reply Rate: The campaign achieved a remarkable 13% reply rate, showcasing the effectiveness of the localized content strategy.
                  2. Numerous Appointments: SalesAR scheduled 35 appointments with potential clients, providing the Company with valuable sales opportunities.
                  3. Hot Leads: The team generated 35 hot leads, further enhancing Company’s expansion into the Central European market.

                  Client Testimonial

                  SalesAR has been a tremendous partner in our efforts to expand into the Central European market. Their targeted research, effective German outreach, and tailored content strategy have generated a high reply rate and numerous appointments for our company. We have been consistently impressed by their professionalism, adaptability, and understanding of our unique requirements. We are confident that with SalesAR’s expertise, our expansion into the DACH region will be a resounding success.


                  The company’s success story highlights SalesAR’s ability to design and execute tailored, localized campaigns that deliver results for clients seeking to expand into new markets. By understanding the company’s unique requirements and adapting its strategy accordingly, SalesAR generated numerous appointments and contributed to its growth in the Central European market. Experience the SalesAR difference and unlock your business’s potential today.

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