Key Mistakes to Avoid While Working on Your ICP

Key Mistakes to Avoid While Working on Your ICP

Many companies rely on account-based marketing and take efforts to enhance Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). A comprehensive ICP is the first step on the way to online success as it often yields positive outcomes of your marketing campaign. However, creating an accurate ICP is not as easy as it seems. Here we list the most typical mistakes to avoid when creating your ICP to get the ball rolling.

Mixing Up ICP and Buyer Persona

When creating your ICP, don’t mix it up with a buyer persona as they are not the same. You may develop several buyer personas to one ICP to define the characteristics of your potential clients. Let’s make it clear: ICP is a general description of your target audience while buyer personas are more in-depth profiles of potential customers who can be interested in your products. Separating these two notions can help you make the process of creating your online marketing campaign clearer and easier.

Excessive Details

It’s a good initiative to present as many details as possible when creating your ICP but sometimes marketers get into excessive details and move you away from reaching the goals of your marketing strategy. Your ICP should be detailed but it would be better if you leave some space for its growth as well. Basically, ICP is a broad description of one unit in your customer base. It should reflect the behavior, motivations, needs, and preferences of your B2B customers. Remember that your ICP will expand with your company’s growth.

Adapting ICT to Current Trends

Following the current tendencies isn’t always the best choice. Trends are changing and many brands take this bait. Most probably, you will find the pain points that your product can’t solve. Unfortunately, there is no one-stop-shop to address all pain points customers have. Sometimes brands alter their actions to appeal more to customers or tend to follow the most recent trends. As a result, they end up with incomplete solutions or go off the rails. This is the wrong path to follow because you may hurt your brand or miss out the promising opportunities.

Focus on Low-Quality Leads

This is one of the most common mistakes marketers make: if an ICP is too broad, you attempt to target everyone. By pursuing wrong leads, you may waste time and resources. A detailed ICP helps solve this problem as you can understand how you can reach your customers and sell your products/services. The more precise your ICP is, the more predictable your sales strategy is.

It’s also important to remain honest and select customer characteristics that comply with your typical customer description when creating your ICP. You can polish your ICP with time if needed. You should also revise your ICP from time to time as customer characteristics may change.

Don’t Overcomplicate Your ICP

Some marketers prefer to develop several ICPs. This is a wise decision. However, try not to make too many ICPs as you may lose your focus. Everything should be specific and detailed but going into too many details is a mistake. Multiple ICPs may overcomplicate things and completely damage your marketing efforts. Try to develop one clear and broad ICP describing your core potential customers to nail their needs.

Delegating the Task of Creating ICP to Your Marketing Team

Leaving the creation of ICP to your marketing team is a big mistake. You can use your team for brainstorming and developing basic ideas about creating ICP. However, entirely delegating the task is a wrong path since this may result in creating inaccurate ICP. Therefore, use analytical tools to develop your ICP. For example, Google Analytics may provide you with necessary data to describe your ideal B2B customers.

Once you’re familiar with the basics of creating ICP, you can start to create it to help your business out. If you already have one, you can reconsider your approach and change the patterns you used before. This will help you improve your ICP and remove the inconsistencies in your ideal customers’ description.                      

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