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                  Enhancing Engagement and Conversion Rates in the Telecommunications and Utility Industries with SalesAR

                  3000 Contacts Researched
                  12 Appointment Scheduled
                  13% Reply Rate

                  Client Overview

                  MaxBill is an innovative software company specializing in developing and delivering CRM, billing, and charging solutions for the telecommunications, multiutilities (energy, water, transportation), and gaming industries.


                  MaxBill faced several critical challenges in its pursuit of business expansion:

                  1. Identifying and engaging with representatives from telecommunication and utility companies;
                  2. Crafting a custom outreach strategy tailored to the unique needs of each industry;
                  3. Setting up appointments with decision-makers to drive sales and business growth.

                  SalesAR’s Approach

                  By working closely with MaxBill, SalesAR leveraged the client’s industry knowledge to design a targeted and effective outreach strategy. Through their comprehensive approach, SalesAR combined their expertise with MaxBill’s insights to achieve the project’s goals.

                  Responsible team

                  Solutions Implemented

                  1. A/B Testing and Campaign Optimization: SalesAR and MaxBill collaborated to develop content for A/B testing throughout their quarterly cooperation. By evaluating and refining the most impactful emails, they successfully launched new campaigns that more than doubled open and reply rates.
                  2. Tailored Lead Generation: SalesAR’s research team focused on identifying suitable representatives from telecommunication and utility companies, ensuring high-quality leads for MaxBill’s outreach efforts.
                  3. Strategic Appointment Setting: With a dedicated account manager, SDR, and research team, SalesAR effectively scheduled appointments with key decision-makers, opening doors to potential business opportunities for MaxBill.


                  Contacts Reached out
                  Appointment Booked
                  Close Rate

                  The partnership with SalesAR led to impressive results for MaxBill:

                  1. Total Appointments: SalesAR set 12 appointments, showcasing a solid interest in MaxBill’s innovative solutions.
                  2. Contacts Researched: SalesAR researched 3,000 contacts, effectively identifying high-quality leads for MaxBill.
                  3. Close Rate: The collaboration resulted in a 10% close rate, demonstrating the value of a strategic lead generation and appointment-setting partner.
                  4. Open Rate: SalesAR achieved a 58% open rate in their outreach efforts.
                  5. Reply Rate: The partnership led to a 13% reply rate.

                  Client Testimonial

                  We had a good start during the first month of our cooperation with SalesAR, so we decided to go for it and extended our contract for two more. We’ve had a dedicated account manager, an SDR, and a team of researchers working on our project. As MaxBill operates in quite a complicated domain, finding the right opportunities is more challenging than it seems. SalesAR managed to keep everything up and running very fast. The team listened to our concerns and swiftly made all the necessary changes to achieve the goals set. We also received weekly reports that helped keep track of the progress.


                  MaxBill’s successful partnership with SalesAR highlights the power of expert lead generation and appointment setting in driving engagement and conversion rates in the telecommunications and utility industries. By collaborating with SalesAR, MaxBill increased its client base, expanded its market presence, and unlocked new opportunities for business growth. Discover more success stories like MaxBill’s and learn how your business can benefit from a tailored lead-generation strategy.

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