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                  Overcoming Industry Giants and Generating Warm Leads in a Highly Competitive E-Learning Market

                  16500 Contacts researched
                  148 appointment shcheduled
                  x8 avg. ROI

                  Client Overview

                  VEDAMO is an interactive virtual classroom platform with tools for collaboration, classroom management, and lesson preparation. Purpose-built for education, VEDAMO replicates the feeling of a traditional classroom, and over 20,000 educational organizations worldwide are using VEDAMO for their virtual instruction.


                  Vedamo faced several hurdles in their lead generation efforts:

                  1. Competing with significant players like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.
                  2. Ensuring prospects understood Vedamo’s superior suitability for educational purposes.
                  3. Generating a steady stream of qualified leads across all target markets.

                  SalesAR’s Approach

                  SalesAR worked closely with Vedamo to understand their ideal customer profile (ICP) and developed a targeted email outreach campaign to connect with the right audience.

                  Responsible team

                  Solutions Implemented

                  1. Clearly Defined ICP: SalesAR and Vedamo established a clear ICP, ensuring the research process ran smoothly.
                  2. Targeted Email Outreach: SalesAR researched 4,000 contacts per month and launched an email outreach campaign to pitch Vedamo’s value proposition to potential clients.

                  How We Did It

                  SalesAR and Vedamo worked together for months, going at full throttle with an extremely high volume of prospects being researched and outreached monthly. From the first month, we started seeking the right people and the right approach to these people, and we’re proud to say that we’re consistently getting great results.

                  We now contact 4,000 people from all around the globe each month, resulting in at least 40 appointments for Vedamo. This success is due to perfect cooperation with Vedamo representatives and our professionals’ consistent investigation of all processes. We continuously adapt and find suitable solutions for each particular case.


                  Vedamo experienced remarkable success from their partnership with SalesAR:

                  Contacts Reached out
                  Appointment Booked
                  avg. ROI
                  1. Total Appointments: 148 appointments were set up, providing ample opportunities for Vedamo to close deals.
                  2. Contacts Researched: 16,500 contacts were researched, resulting in a highly targeted lead generation process.
                  3. ROI: Vedamo achieved an impressive 8x return on investment.

                  Client Testimonial

                  Working with SalesAR has been a game-changer for our business. They’ve demonstrated an exceptional ability to understand our unique needs and provide a tailored approach that consistently delivers results. Their expertise in lead generation and targeting the right audience has been instrumental in helping us stand out in a highly competitive market. SalesAR’s professionalism and commitment to our success have made them an invaluable partner, and we look forward to our continued collaboration.


                  Vedamo’s success story showcases the power of a well-executed lead generation strategy and the value of partnering with an experienced agency like SalesAR. By understanding Vedamo’s unique position in the competitive online education market and tailoring its approach accordingly, SalesAR was able to deliver outstanding results and help Vedamo thrive. Learn how SalesAR can drive similar success for your business, whether you’re competing with industry giants or looking to establish a foothold in a niche market.

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