B2B lead generation

With this service, you receive a polished database with all the needed contact information. The process of its formation is as follows, we:
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Assess your ICP and analyze the market
Select companies that are likely in need of your product/service
Search for required employees (mostly decision-makers)
Validate selected contacts

B2B lead generation + appointment setting

Once B2B lead generation is complete, we move forward to the next steps:
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Content writing
Customized outreach
Negotiations with prospects
Arranging calls/meetings
Handing hot leads over to you to close the deals


It is difficult to use your mailboxes without paying attention to the spam issues. According to Radicati Research Group, more than 250 billion emails are sent every day and more than 20% of all business letters are detected as spam.
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Domain overview. We check your domain for all the issues that interfere with sending emails.
DNS checkout. In the report, you receive detailed information on the issues with main DNS records and our pieces of advice on how to fix them.
Blacklist overview. We check your domain and IP address for their presence in more than 100 blacklists.
Deliverability checkout. You have the full picture of the effectiveness of your email outreach. We show your mailboxes' performance at all popular email providers.
Spam-filters overview. You see how your emails pass through all spam-filters and how to improve your results.